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Spine Pain Treatment in Plano, TX and Denton, TX

Spine Pain Treatment Specialist in Plano, TX and Denton, TX

Spine pain is quite noticeable and can be quite serious, especially depending on how it occurred. Visit Northstar Joint and Spine today to speak to our board-certified Dr. Robert J. Nocerini MD and experienced professionals in regard to diagnosis, treatment, and other methods to help. For more information, contact us today or schedule an appointment online. We have convenient locations to serve in Plano, TX and Denton, TX.

Spine Pain Treatment Specialist Near Me in Plano, TX and Denton, TX
Spine Pain Treatment Specialist Near Me in Plano, TX and Denton, TX

Table of Contents:

What causes pain in your spine?
How do you know if spinal pain is serious?
What are the symptoms of spine problems?
What disease attacks the spine?

What causes pain in your spine?

Spinal injuries are one of the most common causes of disability in the world. These injuries can affect all areas of the body and cause severe pain, weakness, and paralysis. People injured in car crashes or falls often have severe spinal trauma. Doctors treat these injuries with surgery, physical therapy, and painkillers to help damaged nerves recover and restore function to the patient’s body. The severity of spinal injuries depends on the portion of the spine that was injured. Damage to the lower back becomes more common as people age thanks to osteoporosis and other medical condition weakening that area of the spine. Spinal surgery is often necessary for complete recovery.
After a spinal injury, doctors must first treat any life-threatening conditions. For instance, a broken neck or spine could cause death if left untreated. For instance, a broken neck or spine could cause death if left untreated. Doctors then conduct a medical examination to determine the extent of any spinal injuries. Minor injuries can be treated with regular exercise and a course of painkillers. Major injuries require months of physical therapy to recover from painful but necessary procedures like bone grafts and surgery. In some cases, a permanent wheelchair would be necessary for some patients unable to walk without assistance. After treatment, patients must attend follow-up exams to ensure that their spinal injuries don’t return. Many doctors recommend constant self-care for people with spinal injuries. This includes stretching exercises, proper diet, weight loss programs, and monthly checkups with a healthcare provider.

How do you know if spinal pain is serious?

Many people experience back pain at some point in their life. Back pain is common due to the spine’s mobility. Your back contains several bones that move freely, which makes it vulnerable to injury. However, back injuries are common but preventable with proper care. Spinal fractures cause severe pain, but supporting your back prevents these injuries.
A broken back causes extreme pain that lasts for a long time. Your spine is a series of bones that support your body weight. These bones are extremely strong and connect directly to your spinal cord and brain. A serious injury to your back causes major instability and severe pain. In addition, blood vessels rupture due to extreme pressure on your spine. Even a major injury causes internal bleeding and death. You should stay calm and hydrated during an injury to reduce the effects of shock.
Your back muscles help you stay upright and move effectively. Your spinal column stays in place due to the strength of your abdominal and leg muscles. However, your back is still vulnerable without your core. Increasing workouts strengthen your abs and legs, but weak spots remain in your back. Bending your lower back weakly causes pain in your lower back. You must strengthen these muscles to increase your balance and prevent injury in this area.
Your spine is held up by your ribs, vertebrae, and chest muscles. Your abdominal muscles anchor your lower half while your upper back supports your neck and head. There are thirteen vertebrae in your spine, and the gaps between these bones allow for mobility and stability. Even small injuries damage this complex system of support; healthy backs need strong vertebrae to stay healthy. Your chest muscles anchor your shoulders while anchored securely by your collarbone, without these anchor points, your upper body would fall backward after injury.

What are the symptoms of spine problems?

Symptoms of spine issues include:
• Abnormally rounded back or shoulders
• Back or neck pain that can be stabbing or sharp, dull and aching, or burning
• Bowel or bladder dysfunction
• Vomiting and/or nausea
• Pain radiating in the legs and/or arms
• Tightness or stiffness
• Uneven appearances, like in one shoulder or hip being higher than the opposite
• Numbness, weakness, or tingling in the legs or arms

What disease attacks the spine?

Spinal cord diseases are a major health concern for people aged 65 and older. Many health conditions cause damage to the spinal code, which can lead to paralysis and other symptoms. Scientists have made progress in treating and preventing spinal cord diseases in recent years. Plus, advances in medical technology make it easier to diagnose and treat patients. Since so many people suffer from spinal cord disease, it’s important to understand the causes and treatments.
Damage to the spinal cord causes paralysis, a condition where the voluntary muscle’s no longer function. Paralysis can be permanent or temporary, but it’s always serious. Some of the most common spinal cord diseases are multiple sclerosis (MS), ALS, motor neuron disease, and transverse myelitis. Spinal cord diseases can also occur as a result of accidents, poisons, or injuries sustained from falls or other trauma. Regardless of the cause, when a person suffers from a spinal cord disease, it’s critical that they receive prompt care.
Spine pain treatment is available at NorthStar Joint and Spine. We look forward to serving you! We serve patients from Plano TX, Denton TX, McKinney TX, Richardson TX, Frisco TX, Allen TX, Addison TX, Carrollton TX Corinth TX, Krum TX, Cooper Creek TX, Argyle TX, Ponder TX, Sanger TX, and BEYOND!

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